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Some changes in bus service for the Rainier Valley/ Broadway corridor begin Saturday, September 25, 2004

Other changes to begin in June 2005

Changes are coming for riders along the Rainier Valley/Broadway corridor through downtown Seattle on Metro Route 7, as well Route 9 between Rainier Beach, Capitol Hill, and the University District. King County Metro Transit is revising its network of bus routes in these areas.

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Metro Transit worked with residents, bus riders and a sounding board made up of area riders to develop these service changes. The revisions, approved by the County Executive and County Council on May 17, 2004, will be implemented in two phases: some changes will take effect on Saturday, September 25, 2004, and other changes will take effect in June 2005.

The biggest change will be the splitting of Route 7 into two routes in order to speed service, adjust service frequencies, and keep buses on schedule while minimizing bus bunching. This major change to the Route 7 will not be implemented until June 2005, after the necessary trolley overhead changes are completed downtown.

Effective dates for each change are noted on these web pages, along with all other details for these service changes.

Table of Contents

Special Rider Alert brochure & timetables available Sept. 16

Look for a special Rider Alert brochure and new blue timetables on your bus and at Metro information racks, work sites and libraries beginning Sept. 16. The special Rider Alert will also be available on Metro Online.

Timetables will be available on Metro Online by close of business Sept. 24. Watch for Rider Alert signs at your bus stop. You can also access new route and timetable information online at Metro's Trip Planner the week of Sept. 13.

For other trip planning help, call Metro Rider Information at 206-553-3000 after Sept. 20.

Some minor changes may occur after the hard copy publication has been printed. Any changes will be made to this online version.

Table of Contents

Other transit changes coming

Photo of trolley bus

Besides the changes described here, September service changes are also planned for the the Ambaum-Delridge corridor. Among those changes, new Route 120 will serve the Ambaum-Delridge corridor between Burien, White Center, Delridge, and downtown Seattle with 15-minute or better daytime service on weekdays. New Route 125 will provide a direct connection between Seattle Central Community College and South Seattle Community College.

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