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Discontinued Routes

  • The following route numbers will be discontinued in September 2004: Routes 39-Express, 124.
  • The following table shows replacement services for September 2004 (routes 7-Express, 9, 34, 39, 39-Express, 124, 126) and June 2005 (routes 7, 9-Express, 49)
  • See the map.

Current Route

Replacement Route(s)




June 2005: New Rt 49 will replace Rt 7 between downtown Seattle and the University District. Rt 49 will be through-routed with revised Rt 7 evenings and Sundays.


Revised 7

Sept. 2004: Inbound/northbound riders on Prentice St Rt 7 trips will need to transfer to rts 7, 36, 39, 42, or 106 at Rainier & Henderson.

June 2005: Revised Rt 7 will operate between downtown Seattle and Rainier Beach. Rt 7 trips will be hooked with new Rt 49 trips evenings and Sundays.


Revised 7

Sept. 2004: A different express stop pattern will be implemented, with stops every 3 to 4 blocks along Rainier Ave S and S Dearborn St.



Sept. 2004: For service between S Graham St and S Henderson St, Rt 9 riders will need to transfer to Rt 7.

June 2005: New Rt 9-Express will replace Rt 9 between Rainier Beach and Capitol Hill. New Rt 49 will replace Rt 9 between Capitol Hill and the University District.


39-Local north of Rainier Beach,
126 south of Rainier Beach

Sept. 2004: New Rt 126 will replace Rt 39 local service between Rainier Beach and Southcenter during weekday peak hours. For service between Seward Park, Beacon Hill, and Southcenter during non-peak hours, transfer between rts 39 and 150 at Busway/S Spokane St. Rt 39 will operate on the South Busway instead of 4 Ave S.



Sept. 2004: Rt 39-Express will be re-numbered Rt 34; trip times will be revised.



Sept. 2004: New Rt 126 will partially replace Rt 124 during weekday peak hours between Southcenter and Gateway Corporate Center. No replacement service will be available on Tukwila Hill (Rt 128 serves the western periphery of Tukwila Hill)

Aug. 11, 2004