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SDOT 35th Ave NE Street Improvement Project
(includes NE 65th/35th Ave NE/NE 75th improvements)

Sections updated August 10, 2005*

In October 2003, completion date for this project was formally extended to December 31, 2006; however the Seattle Dept. of Transportation (SDOT) started their work on August 8, 2005.

King County Metro is working in cooperation with SDOT on the 35th Avenue NE Street Improvement Project. This SDOT Project addresses street improvements needed along NE 65th St and NE 75th St between I-5 and 35th Ave NE, and on 35th Ave NE between NE 55th St and NE 90th St.

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What KC Metro is proposing

  • Relocate some stops to signalized intersections (crosswalks).
  • Relocate stops to reduce signal-related delays, support future transit signal priority projects, and comply with SDOT traffic management guidelines.
  • Close one bus stop on 35th Ave NE, and consolidate and relocate 10 bus stops on NE 65th St.
  • Add three new passenger shelters/benches/litter receptacles, one awning/bench, 9 new stand-alone benches, 12 new landing pads, and some improved lighting.
  • Refurbish existing shelters to Teal color, and add wave pattern sandblasted glass to reduce graffiti in some shelters.

Table of Contents

The goals of bus stop reorganization and relocation

  • Provide a smoother, faster ride for transit customers.
  • Concentrate pedestrian crossings at signalized intersections to reduce mid-block crossings (jaywalking).
  • Concentrate riders at fewer stops. This allows greater value for money spent on passenger amenities such as shelters, benches, and lighting.
  • Improve flow of general traffic.
  • Return parking spaces to the neighborhood, this project would return 12-15 parking spaces to the neighborhood.
  • Provide better connections at transfer points.
  • Provide added security by increasing number of people waiting at stops.
  • Reduce potential incidents of merging, right turn, and rear end related accidents.
  • Reduce overall trip time.

Table of Contents

Community Outreach

The proposed changes were posted at the bus stops for a public comment period from 5/19/03 - 6/6/03. Notices were posted at other stops simply to advise riders that stops along this corridor are subject to change. All comments were considered; no additional changes have been incorporated in the project.

Table of Contents

Bus stops relocated or closed

  • Eastbound NE 65th St east of 8th Ave NE - closed
  • Eastbound NE 65th St east of 17th Ave NE and west of 19th Ave NE relocated to east of 18th Ave NE- (improves spacing).
  • Eastbound NE 65th St east of 21st Ave NE relocated to east of 20th Ave NE (closer to crosswalk).
  • Bus Stops eastbound NE 65th St east of 31st Ave NE and east of 33rd Ave NE relocated to east of 32nd Ave NE (closer to crosswalk).
  • Westbound NE 65th St west of 24th Ave NE relocated to west of 25th Ave NE (closer to crosswalk).
  • Northbound 35th Ave NE north of NE 82nd St - closed (to improve spacing).

Table of Contents

Bus stops with Shelter additions

  • Southbound 25th Ave NE north of NE 65th St
  • Southbound 25th Ave NE south of NE 75th St
  • Northbound 35th Ave NE south of NE 75th St

Table of Contents

Bus stops with new benches

  • Eastbound NE 65th St east of 12th Ave NE
  • Eastbound NE 65th St east of 18th Ave NE
  • Westbound NE 65th St east of 26th Ave NE
  • Westbound NE 65th St west of 25th Ave NE
  • Westbound NE 65th St west of 18th Ave NE
  • Northbound 35th Ave NE south of NE 85th St
  • Southbound 35th Ave NE south of NE 77th St

Table of Contents

Bus stops with new landing pads

  • Eastbound NE 65th St/18th Ave NE
  • Eastbound NE 65th St/20th Ave NE
  • Eastbound NE 65th St/25th Ave NE
  • Eastbound NE 65th St/27th Ave NE
  • Eastbound NE 65th St/29th Ave NE
  • Eastbound NE 65th St/32nd Ave NE
  • Westbound NE 65th St/20th Ave NE
  • Westbound NE 65th St/18th Ave NE
  • Northbound 8th Ave NE/NE 65 St
  • Eastbound NE 75th St/20th Ave NE
  • Eastbound NE 75th St/23rd Ave NE
  • Westbound NE 75th St/25th Ave NE

Table of Contents

Bus stop/layover redesigned: Layover redesigned to improve visibility from the QFC driveway

  • Eastbound NE 85th St/35th Ave NE

Table of Contents

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a shelter or bench at my stop?

If a stop averages over 50 people boarding per day it may be eligible for a shelter or 15 people per day for a bench. Actual installation of a shelter/bench depends on available right-of-way, City of Seattle approval, and available resources. Due to maintenance costs associated with passenger shelters, we prioritize their installation on actual number of current riders using the Bus stop.

How do I get a litter receptacle at my stop?

King County Metro provides litter receptacles and maintenance only at bus stops with shelters. KC Metro sponsors an Adopt-a-stop progra> where KC Metro provides a litter receptacle at a bus stop, and supplies the property owner with bag liners and free bus tickets. To contact the Adopt-a-stop program coordinator call 206-263-6503.

How do I get better lighting at my stop?

Contact Metro Customer Assistance at or call 206-553-3000 and request it. We will check the current night-time lighting level and see if it needs improvement. Often, small changes to existing fixtures can solve the problem.

I don't have a problem crossing mid-block, why does this matter?

Not all riders are physically able to cross the busy arterial quickly and safely. Reduced lighting, inclement weather and physical limitations can increase the difficulty of safely crossing such a busy arterial. While its not always possible, placing stops close to signalized intersections makes access to transit more easily available for all our riders and reduces mid-block (jaywalking) crossings.

I object to or support the changes made at my bus stop, who do I contact?

We are interested in your comments and suggestions. The best way is to e-mail our Customer Assistance Office at or call 206-553-3000. The customer assistance office will make a permanent record of your concerns and make sure they are routed to the appropriate staff for review.

Where can I get more information?

The City of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is planning maintenance and upgrades to roadways, sidewalks, and traffic signals on NE 65 St, 35 Ave NE and NE 75 St.

When will these changes happen?

SDOT's project will begin in the winter of 2003 and last approximately 9-11 months. Most King County Metro bus stop changes will be implemented as SDOT proceeds with their project.

Table of Contents

Aug. 10, 2005