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Regional Transit News - SR-522 bus service

Sound Transit and Metro proposing to revise bus routes along State Route 522

Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Northeast Seattle

In September 2002, Sound Transit will start a new ST Express service, Route 522, that will operate along the State Route 522 corridor. Route 522 will provide faster service between downtown Seattle and Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore and Lake Forest Park. To provide better overall service, King County Metro Transit proposes to change several bus routes in the SR-522 corridor between Woodinville and Seattle. The proposed changes would reduce duplication of service and help build an integrated transit system.

Photo of Sound Transit Express bus
Sound Transit buses feature spacious seating, reclining seats,
overhead luggage bins and individual reading lights.

How we got to where we are

Route 522 is one of 19 ST Express bus routes included in Sound Move, the plan for regional transit improvements approved by voters in 1996. In October and November 2001, Sound Transit and King County Metro conducted public review on Route 522 alternatives. Planners and public met to discuss alternatives for ST Express Route 522 and alternative revisions for King County Metro bus routes 41, 307, 308 and 372. We mailed some 68,000 copies of a Regional Transit News issue describing these alternatives and including a postage-paid return questionnaire to households, libraries and businesses in northeast Seattle and King County. We also held three public meetings.

A majority of the returned questionnaires favored running ST Route 522 between Woodinville and Downtown Seattle instead of going to Northgate or the University District. The public prefers this faster alternative to existing Metro Route 307, which would be discontinued under these proposals. We also took into account public comment at our meetings and on the questionnaire about related service changes. Most comments favored the Lake City routing option for ST Route 522, opposed discontinuation of Metro Route 308, and supported increased service levels for Metro Routes 41 and 372.

Our proposals affect only five routes

Our proposal will bring changes to King County Metro Routes 41, 306, 307, 312 and 372. The proposed changes to Route 312 would affect only those trips that now begin and end in Woodinville. Routes 306 and 312 would make one additional stop in Lake City. We are proposing no other changes in routes or service levels at this time. Metro routes 308, 341 and 342 will continue unchanged.

What happens next?

Sound Transit and King County Metro conducted public outreach in February to gather comments on the proposed changes to SR-522 bus service.

The Sound Transit Board of Directors will vote in May 2002 on the preferred alternative for ST Express Route 522. The King County Council is also scheduled to vote then on the proposed changes to Metro routes 41, 307, 312 and 372. Members of the public will be invited to comment on these route proposals at these hearings.

If adopted, Sound Transit's ST Express Route 522 and changes to Metro service would begin Saturday, Sept. 28, 2002.

For more detailed information, please see maps and charts.

Updated: Jan. 2002