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Lake City Way, Multi-Modal Project

Transportation Relief is on the Way

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Helping people improve the way they get around King County is what Metro works hard at everyday. We're pleased to announce several proposed transportation improvements for the Lake City area.

Improvements will focus on faster, more reliable bus service, easier pedestrian access, and better vehicular safety along Lake City Way.

Since many of these improvements also involve significant changes to existing city systems and roads, King County Metro, WSDOT and the City of Seattle have teamed up to deliver a comprehensive "multi-modal" solution that will bring transportation relief to Lake City residents in a timely and cost efficient manner.

We'd like to hear from you, and invite you to call, write, or email by July 8, 2002.

Table of Contents

Faster, More Reliable Bus Service

One of the biggest changes we're focusing on are those that will provide faster, more reliable bus service. Throughout this pamphlet you'll see some new ways that we'll be addressing the problem. Included are business access and transit-only lanes (BAT lanes) and special transit signalization. While these are progressive approaches, they are also tried and tested methods that we feel will deliver the results we're both looking for.

Table of Contents

Changes to Bus Service

In September 2002, a new Sound Transit Route 522 will replace Metro Route 307. Sound Transit Route 522 will begin in Woodinville and make stops along Lake City Way at NE 145th St., NE 137th St., NE 130th St. and NE 125th St. before expressing to downtown Seattle.

Riders traveling to Northgate would transfer at NE 130th St. to Metro Route 41. Route 41 service would increase to 15 minutes between Lake City Way, NE 130th St. and Northgate.

Table of Contents

Proposed Changes to Bus Stops

graphic of Current and proposed bus stops in Lake City

Along fast-moving, high traffic volume corridors such as Lake City Way, we want to provide improved levels of pedestrian and traffic safety. Positioning bus stops at signalized intersections helps us achieve that. This also supports traffic signalization improvements and benefits both transit operation and the general traffic flow.

We are also proposing to consolidate a number of bus stops that are too closely spaced or not at signalized intersections.

By consistently spacing bus stops closer to the desired quarter mile mark along major arterials, we can provide smoother and more efficient service and allow greater investments into improved passenger facilities, such as shelters and improved lighting. See the map for proposed stop changes.

The bus stop spacing revisions support changes in service planned for September 2002 and the transit lane and signal improvements proposed along Lake City Way.

We realize that some riders may need to walk an extra block or two, however, we feel the resulting faster ride should help compensate for the inconvenience.

Table of Contents

Transit Signal Priority

Transit Signal Priority (TSP) gives transit vehicles a time advantage when approaching a signal which can help improve transit speed and reliability along the Lake City corridor. Bus detection technology at selected signalized intersections along the corridor would be installed to inform the signal of the approaching vehicle and hold the green light to allow it to pass. TSP tools like these are essential in making the most out of our existing transportation infrastructure.

New signal timing can help decrease travel times by approximately 10 percent.

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New Transit Lanes and Improvements

We are evaluating a proposal that a northbound transit lane be available during the commute peak period between Northgate Way and NE 123rd St. along with a queue bypass for buses at NE 123rd St. In addition, we are evaluating a proposal to provide a northbound transit lane from NE 130th St. to the existing transit lane at NE 135th St. or a southbound queue bypass for buses at NE 130th St.

Table of Contents

Other Improvements

Road & Sidewalk

  • Asphalt resurfacing, I-5 to NE 147th St., by WSDOT
  • Curb, gutter, sidewalk, drainage on west side from Northgate Way to NE 123rd St.


  • Design analysis for new left turns at NE 80th St. and at 15th Ave. NE
  • Bus zone lighting


  • Proposed medians and/or driveway consolidations north of NE 110th St.

Table of Contents

For Updates and the Latest Information

Find out more about the City of Seattle improvements or call Peg Nielsen, Communications Office, 206-684-8114 or visit Metro Online.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers about the Lake City Multimodal project.

Alternative formats available. Call 206-684-2046, TTY 206-684-2029.

Updated: Jul. 17, 2002