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Transit Service News - Seattle/north King County

Changes in bus service for Seattle/north King County begin Saturday, Sept. 29, 2001

Changes are coming for bus riders. Metro Transit is adding and revising service to make it easier to get more places in Seattle and north King County.

Metro Transit worked with residents, bus riders and local community organizations to develop these service changes. The changes, approved by the County Executive and County Council in spring 2001, take effect Saturday, Sept. 29, 2001 except as noted in the service change descriptions here.

These changes are consistent with the objectives and strategies of the Six-Year Transit Development Plan for 1996-2001, recommended by the County Executive and adopted by the County Council in December 1995.

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September 2001 Changes

Choose a route number to see the change information. The maps are for reference and are not drawn to scale.

Route 7, Route 15, Route 17, Route 18, Route 19, Route 21, Route 24, Route 26, Route 28, Route 33, Route 35, Route 36, Route 37 downtown, Route 37, Route 39 downtown, Route 39, Route 42, Route 46, Route 53, Route 56, Route 57, Route 74, Route 302, Route 314, Route 315, Route 318, Route 358.

Route 7:
Revise evening loop

Why the changes?

  • Improve security for bus drivers and riders.

What's new?

  • Revise outbound Route 7 service after about 8 p.m. to operate a loop through 62nd Avenue South and South Prentice Street, and return to Rainier Avenue South and South Henderson Street to lay over for the next bus trip.

Options if your service has changed: Riders traveling toward downtown Seattle between 62nd Avenue South/South Prentice South and Rainier Beach should board Route 7 and transfer at Rainier Avenue South/South Henderson Street either to the next departing inbound Route 7 or to inbound Route 36 or 106.

Routes 15, 18, 21, 56:
Improve evening service beginning in February 2002

Why the changes?

  • Improve evening and night service connecting West Seattle, downtown Seattle and Ballard.
  • Restore direct service between Ballard and downtown.
  • Improve evening and night service frequency and capacity on First Avenue connecting Seattle Center, downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square and the area south of downtown (SoDo).

What's new?

  • Replace the Route 15 night shuttle with through-trips connecting downtown Seattle, Ballard and Crown Hill.
  • Improve Route 56 early-evening frequency from 60 to 30 minutes Monday through Saturday.
  • Revise schedules on routes 15, 18, 21 and 56 to provide better evening and night service on First Avenue and connecting Ballard, downtown and West Seattle.

Routes 17, 19, 24, 26, 28, 33, 35, 37, 39, 42, 57:
Revise stops near downtown construction

Why the changes?

  • Avoid impacts of construction of the new Central Seattle Library.
  • Improve transit operations along Fourth Avenue.
  • Shift high-ridership routes to blocks with widest sidewalks.

What's new?

  • These routes will no longer serve the bus stops between Spring and Seneca streets and between Union and Pike streets. Instead, these routes will serve the bus stop between University and Union streets. Service to bus stops south of Madison Street will not change.
p>Route 36:
Extend trips on Beacon Hill

Why the changes?

  • Provide clean, quiet electric trolley service along Beacon Avenue South between South Dawson Street and South Othello Street.
  • Relieve overloaded buses, particularly during weekday morning rush hours.

What's new?

  • Extend all trips now ending at South Dawson Street to South Othello Street.

Routes 37, 53 (new):
Add express trips, revise shuttle route

Why the changes?

  • Provide more off-peak service in response to community requests.
  • Improve convenience of access for shuttle riders at Alaska Junction.

What's new?

  • On weekday mornings, add one inbound Route 37 Express trip. Also add two outbound Route 37 Express trips.
  • On Saturday, add two inbound Route 37 Express trips to downtown Seattle. Also add two outbound Route 37 Express trips leaving downtown Seattle.
  • Renumber Route 37 Shuttle trips as Route 53. Revise routing of Route 53 near Alaska Junction.
  • Revise Route 53 to operate weekdays in a one-way, hourly clockwise loop.
  • Schedule Route 53 trips to reduce waiting times on connections with routes 54 and 55 at 35th Avenue Southwest/Southwest Avalon Way and at 44th Avenue Southwest/Southwest Alaska Street.

Route 39:
New service evenings, weekends

Why the changes?

  • Restore Route 39 evening shuttle service to Seward Park on weekdays.
  • Provide earlier Route 39 shuttle service on Sunday.

What's new?

  • On weekdays, provide later evening Route 39 shuttle service between the Veterans Administration Medical Center and Seward Park.
  • On Sunday and holidays, provide Route 39 service to Southcenter about one hour earlier.
  • On weekdays, shorten the last three local outbound trips on Route 39 that now end at Southcenter. These trips will end at Rainier Avenue South/South Henderson Street instead of at Southcenter.
  • On Sunday/holidays, shorten the last outbound trip from the VA Medical Center. This trip will end at Rainier Avenue South/South Henderson Street instead of at Southcenter.

Route 46:
New service to Golden Gardens

Why the changes?

  • Provide service to Seaview Avenue Northwest and Golden Gardens.

What's new?

  • Extend rush-hour Route 46 trips to Golden Gardens via Seaview Avenue Northwest.

Route 74:
Reinstate Seattle Center service

Why the changes?

  • Reinstate service eliminated in February 2000 to serve the Seattle Center and lower Queen Anne and Fremont (see map).
  • Beginning in February 2002, provide Saturday service from about 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and provide Sunday service from about 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Service levels: 30-minute frequency on weekdays. Beginning in February 2002, 30-minute frequency on Saturday and Sunday.

Route 302:
New connections

Why the changes?

  • Modify to provide additional connections, including those previously provided by deleted Route 318 (see map).

What's new?

  • Revise Route 302 to serve North Seattle Community College, Northwest Hospital, Bitter Lake, Shorewood High School and other locations previously served by Route 318.

Options if your service has changed: Route 302 will be through-routed with Route 315 when it operates, enabling riders of deleted Route 318 to continue making direct connections to Group Health and the Northgate Mall.

Route 314:
Add an afternoon trip

Why the changes?

  • To restore service to Lake Forest Park and Shoreline.

What's new?

  • Add one round trip to Route 314 in the afternoon/evening.

Route 315:
Restore evening, weekend service

Why the changes?

  • Restore service to Ridgecrest, central Shoreline and Richmond Beach that was lost with February 2000 reductions.

What's new?

  • Restore weekday evening and weekend daytime service.
  • Move Route 315 from Northeast 103rd Street to Northeast 100th Street to serve the Group Health Clinic on Fourth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 100th Street.

Route 318:
Delete route

Why the changes?

  • A federal grant paid for most of the service on this route for three years. Because the grant expired in September 2000, Metro can no longer afford the route.

What's new?

  • Replace Route 318 with Route 302.

Options if your service has changed: See Route 302 for alternative service.

Route 358:
Add trips

Why the changes?

  • Address heavy loads and improve service frequency during rush hours.

What's new?

  • Add three trips in the main commute direction during each peak period and adjust schedule to provide better spacing of trips.

Table of Contents

Special Rider Alert brochure and timetables available Sept. 19

Look for a special Rider Alert brochure and new orange timetables on your bus and at Metro information racks, work sites and libraries on Sept. 19. The special Rider Alert will be available on Metro Online.

Timetables will be available on Metro Online by close of business Sept. 28. Watch for Rider Alert signs at your bus stop.

For trip planning help, call Metro Rider Information at 206-553-3000 after Sept. 15.

Some minor changes may occur after this publication has been printed.

Table of Contents

Other changes in King County coming

Besides the changes described in this publication, September service changes are planned for south and east King County.

Some approved service changes and improvements will not be made until February 2002. In Seattle, these changes include improved evening and night service on routes 15, 18, 21 and 56, and weekend service on Route 74. These changes will be delayed to ensure that the amount of new service implemented in September is not so large that Metro's ability to deliver high-quality service is diminished.

Table of Contents

For more information

If you would like paper copies of this document, call the community relations hot line at 206-684-1146 (voice), 206-684-1682 (TTY users) or 206-689-3489 (fax), or write Transportation Community Relations, KSC-TR-0824, 201 S. Jackson St., Seattle, WA 98104-3856.

Look for the Special Rider Alert brochure and new orange timetables on your bus and at Metro information racks, work sites and libraries on Sept. 19.

Table of Contents

Help is available

You can get general information now about the service changes by calling Metro Transit Rider Information. You can get specific trip planning help from Rider Information after Sept. 15.

Rider Information 206-553-3000
Toll-free 800-542-7876
TTY users 206-684-1739

To get this information in alternative formats for people with disabilities, call 206-684-1146 (voice) or 206-684-1682 (TTY).

Produced by Community Relations and Communications, King County Department of Transportation, August 2001.

Table of Contents

Updated: Aug. 2001