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Pilot Project for Real-time Bus Information System on Aurora Avenue North

In 2003, Metro led a pilot project to provide electronic real-time information signs at two key transfer points on the Route 358 Aurora Ave N corridor. With Sound Transit as our partner to fund the software modification to MYBUS, Metro installed eight electronic real-time information signs at bus stops adjacent to N 46th and N 85th intersections in early 2004.

LED sign at 46th & Aurora

In March 2004, a customer survey was conducted as part of the larger evaluation effort to assess rider reaction to a range of service and facility improvements, and electronic signs for Route 358. The overall customer reaction to the electronic real-time information was satisfactory.

Eighteen months after the installation, these electronic signs continue to have technical problems with hardware and wireless communications. Staff resources are needed to manage the information on the sign, to monitor the signs to insure that they are in working order, and to fix the sign equipment if it malfunctions. In addition to a monthly phone bill for the wireless communication, staff must be dedicated to continue to maintain the system.

LED sign at 85th & Aurora

The pilot project evaluation is now complete and the signs have been removed. Metro is continuing to look for the best way to provide real-time information at bus stops and remains committed to ensuring the best possible experience when using the bus. Another way to access the Real Time information is via the internet at Tracker Location View or instructions to access the real-time arrival information for specific bus stops on a cell phone, visit the UW MyBus site [external link].

  • For comments or questions about this project, e-mail
  • For Transit information, call Metro's Rider Information line at 206-553-3000, or for TTY access, call 206-684-1739.
Updated: Jul. 12, 2005