New Trip Planner

What's New?

The new Metro Trip Planner with mapping feature.
The home screen for the new Trip Planner. See more screen shots.

Metro's updated Trip Planner provides new tools to help you plan your transit trip faster, better and more accurately.

Find maps, schedules, stops, next departures and information about your transit service for trips around the region. The new Trip Planner can also help you customize your trip to use only accessible services, or select bus, train or multimodal trips.

Tell us what you think

After using the new Trip Planner head back here and click on the feedback button to send us your thoughts, comments and suggestions. We value your feedback! It helps us to know what we're doing right, what we can improve, and how we can take transit trip planning to new levels!

New Features

  • Plan a trip by typing in an address, choosing a landmark or clicking a point on a map.
  • Multiple modes of travel can be included (such as, Local & Express Bus, Rapid Transit, Water Taxi and Rail.
  • Find out the next departure times for a specified stop.
  • Display and print a route schedule for a specific day.
  • View stops and route maps on the interactive map.
  • Quickly find your way to/from landmarks in the region.
Updated: January 22, 2014