Metro's all new RapidRide C Line brings a new world of rapid transit to the West Seattle area. This is Metro's fastest and easiest way to travel, with service so frequent you don't even need a schedule.

We know your time is important and designed RapidRide to help you get the most out of your day. Everything about the C Line is faster — the time you spend traveling on the bus, the time waiting for the bus, and even the time to make connections to other routes. You'll experience unprecedented levels of reliability, comfort and speed that add up to a great way to get around, 7 days a week. Suddenly, everything about Westside public transportation is better!

The C Line runs between downtown Seattle and the Westwood Village via the Alaska Junction and Fauntleroy area. It is Metro's biggest addition to the Westside's redesigned transportation network, offering new choices and easy connections that can take you all around the westside, downtown Seattle and beyond. Enjoy free Wi-FI, real time bus arrival signs, well-lit shelters, and more. Everything is better and everything is faster. Plus, your trips are powered by Metro's integrated intelligence transit systems that speed up travel times, boarding times and provide enhanced customer information.

Updated: May 27, 2014