Trip pool is a flexible rideshare program

TripPool is a King County Metro pilot program providing on-demand rideshare options to connect riders to transit in select areas. Metro provided commuter vans make one round trip each work day to a Park & Ride or transit center. Volunteer drivers pick up and drop off registered riders along the way. TripPool trips are coordinated by riders and drivers on their smartphone through the free mobile app, iCarpool.


TripPool is a pilot program being tested by Metro in the Community Connections areas—currently seeking volunteer drivers on Mercer Island.

Request information or call 206-625-4500.

TripPool Fast Facts:

  • Each TripPool has at least two drivers to ensure reliability. The Metro provided vehicle includes gas, insurance, and maintenance along with the reserved parking.
  • Riders use iCarpool to choose from listed stops and drivers have the flexibility to make route adjustments.
  • Trip booking and fare payment is handled through the iCarpool mobile app.
  • TripPool trips are free for the active driver of the trip.
  • Riders pay for trips using iCarpool ‘ride credits’.
  • Free ride credits and program incentives will be provided to riders who link their iCarpool and RideshareOnline.com accounts. For all TripPool trips, linked accounts are reimbursed for fares above $2.75 (one-zone peak).
  • Additional ride credits will be provided to riders who also provide their ORCA card to allow 100% reimbursement for all TripPool trips.
  • Accessible commuter vans are available. Please call 206-625-4500 to discuss your accessible vehicle needs for your TripPool trip.

Join the TripPool Pilot!

Get started at iCarpool.com

The TripPool pilot will be offered in two areas during Fall 2017: southeast King County and Mercer Island. As described above, volunteer drivers will use a King County Metro commuter van and iCarpool mobile app to share trips with nearby commuters to area Park & Rides.

To be a driver in this innovative pilot project, follow the steps below. Call 206-625-4500 when you are ready to submit your TripPool application.

Step 1

Become an approved driver:

Step 2

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Accessible commuter vans are available to groups upon request; TTY users, please dial your relay service at 7-1-1 to get in touch with rideshare staff (available 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday); RideshareOnline.com translation service available to ESL customers via a conference by calling 206-625-4500 (available 8 AM to 5 AM, Monday through Friday).