Commute Coach Pledge Form

First, pledge to do the following:

  1. Register at then go to the "Ridematch" menu to add your commute trip and search for riders.
  2. Talk to five commuters about the benefits of joining a Metro Commuter Van. This could be commuters to join your group or encourage commuters to join another group in the program. Encourage them to register and add their trip at so they can connect with vans, other riders, or see what additional incentive programs may be available to them.
  3. Identify your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC). ETCs are a great resource for transportation options and subsidy information (please give us your ETCs name and email address below).
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Second, sign up to be a Commute Coach

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In order to qualify for the Commute Coach incentive, I understand that I must meet the Metro Transit Rideshare Operations Eligibility Requirements.

Rules and Eligibility Requirements

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Who is sponsoring the Commute Coach program?

The Commute Coach program is a promotion conducted by King County Metro Rideshare Operations. The staff at King County Metro Rideshare Operations reserves the right to make final decisions on eligibility of participants in this promotion.

Who can be a coach?

Commute Coaches must be eligible to participate in the King County Metro Commuter Van Program. To qualify, coaches complete the requirements listed on the pledge form. Coaches need to recruit new riders who have not participated in another vanpool or vanshare in the past 60 days.

Employee Transportation Coordinators or anyone being paid professionally to assist people with commute options are ineligible for the reward portions of this promotion, but can utilize the resources in the Coaches’ Corner and can participate in the online community.

To earn the $100 MasterCard Gift Card

In order to earn this award, the coach must be coaching a new vanpool or vanshare group, and this group must successfully start a new King County Metro Commuter Van with riders that have not participated in another vanpool in the prior 60 days. Only one coach per van. Coaches can start up to five vans, and can earn up to five $100 MasterCard Gift Cards as a result.

This promotion will continue while supplies last, or until 12/31/2018, whichever comes first.