Pioneer Square Station

Under Third Avenue between Cherry Street and Yesler Way, this station is in Seattle's government center. Within blocks of historic Pioneer Square, the station has entrances in the Lyon Building, next to Prefontaine Place park and next to the site of the city's former Public Safety Building. You can make convenient transfers on nearby streets to bus routes serving First hill, Yesler Way, Leschi and Lake Washington.

This facility is served by

Metro Transit:

Sound Transit:


  • Paid parking nearby
  • Public art
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Free Wi-Fi on tunnel platforms

Where to find the station

3rd Ave & James St., Seattle, WA

When the tunnel is closed

The following tunnel bus routes use surface street bus stops when Pioneer Square Station is closed:

Routes 41 and 74

Routes 101, 102, 150

Route 255

Route 550

See a map of the surface street stops…