International District/Chinatown Station

At Fifth Avenue South and South Jackson Street, International District/Chinatown Station is the south end of the tunnel. Aboveground, you can make convenient connections to bus routes serving Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, and Mount Baker and also reach the nearby sports stadiums, Route 99 Wterfront Streetcar line, and Amtrak or Sound Transit's Sounder trains at King Street Station.

This facility is served by

Metro Transit:

Sound Transit:


  • Paid parking nearby
  • Public art
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Free Wi-Fi on tunnel platforms

Where to find the station

5th Ave & S. Jackson St., Seattle, WA

When the tunnel is closed

The following tunnel bus routes use surface street bus stops when International District / Chinatown Station is closed:

Route 41

Routes 74

Routes 101, 102, 150

Route 255

Route 550

See a map of the surface street stops…