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  • Live or work in the Puget Sound Region
  • Can use one time, occasionally or daily
  • See Carpool, VanPool and VanShare for specifics.


"Ridematch" means matching you up with other people who have a similar commuter (or special event trip) and schedule so you can get together and carpool, VanPool or use a Metro VanShare connector van. Metro uses to do this matching and provide you a free list of interested people in your area.

Sharing the ride or "pooling" is smart way to share travel costs, driving and cut your stress. You may even get where you are going faster if your travel route has HOV lanes for carpools, commuter vans and buses.

Ways to get "ridematched":
Call Metro, fax or mail a Ridematch application or visit and follow the step by step instructions for registration and matching.

For security purposes only your email address, contact phone numbers, work location, and home city/area and zip code appear on match lists. Your actual home address is used only to generate matches in the computer system or for Metro office contact, and will not appear on anyone's match list.

Next step:
When you have your list of potential pool partners, use further to email and/or call the ones you think will work best for you. And, while you are registered in this Ridematch system potential match partners can contact you. Remember, everyone registered with is interested in sharing the ride too.


Carpools, vanpools, VanShare vans, buses, Sounder Train, ferries and park & rides.

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  • Local: 206-625-4500
  • Toll free: 1-800-427-8249
  • TTY: 206-684-1855
  • Fax: 206-684-2166
Updated: Sep. 3, 2004