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Sharing the ride to work, school, or even occasionally, with one or more other people is known as "carpooling" or just "pooling". In some carpools, one person drives all the time. In others, the carpoolers take turns driving their own cars. Carpooling is a smart way to share commuting costs, driving and, cut your stress. You may even get where you're going faster if your carpool travel route has HOV lanes for carpools, vanpools and buses.

Metro has Ridematch Services to help people find partners for carpool commuting or special events. Call Metro or visit to get a free list of interested people in you area. Also talk with your residential transportation coordinator and the transportation coordinator at your work site.

Once you've found your carpool partners, the rest is very easy. For a smooth commute, make sure you:

  • Decide who will drive and when. Make sure everyone has a list of each carpoolers�s home and work phone numbers in case of illness or emergency.
  • Choose a convenient meeting place, like a Park & Ride lot, or pick each person up at home.
  • Set a few rules, like:
    • How long you'll wait for later riders,
    • Smoking or non?
    • For and drink okay in the car?
    • Music, new or nothing?
  • Decide on costs. If you share the driving equally, you don't have to exchange money. If one person drives, divide the cost among the passengers,
  • Make sure the vehicle is running well and has gas.
  • Check your insurance � some policies offer rate reductions for ridesharing.
  • Check for preferential, free or reduced-rate carpool parking.


Carpools, vanpools, VanShare vans, buses, Sounder commuter rail, ferries and park & rides.


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Updated: Sep. 2, 2004