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Common Questions

Why toll the SR-520 bridge?

Tolling on the SR 520 Bridge will help pay for the new bridge, targeted to open in 2014. The new bridge is designed to withstand major earthquakes and windstorms, providing increased safety. When complete, it will include six lanes with two general purpose lanes and one carpool/transit lane in each direction. The new SR 520 Bridge will have HOV lanes that will make bus trips more frequent and reliable. It will also be built to accommodate light rail in the future, have a pedestrian and bike path, and shoulder lanes to keep traffic flowing in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

What are the toll rates?

There are two rates: a lower toll rate for vehicles with Good To Go! accounts, and a higher rate for vehicles that receive a bill and Pay By Mail. Toll rates vary by time of day and on weekends to encourage driving during less-congested periods.

SR 520 Bridge toll rate schedule »

Have more questions about SR 520 tolling? Check out the FAQ on the Washington State DOT site for the most up-to-date information.

Updated: April 23, 2014