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Weekday: Effective August 30, 2011 thru June 8, 2012

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Route Map
To LAKESIDE (Weekday):
     4th Av S      34th Av W    15th Av W    8th Av NW   25th Av NE    1st Av NE  
        &           & W          & W           &            &            &      
 S Jackson - Isl   McGraw       Dravus       NW 65th      NE 80th     NE 140th   

6:58am 7:13am 7:21am 7:29am 7:44am§ 8:00amB§
To DOWNTOWN (Weekday):
    1st Av NE    1st Av NE    8th Av NW    15th Av W    34th Av W     2 Av Ext S
        &            &            &            &           & W           &      
    NE 135th     NE 140th      NW 65th     W Dravus      McGraw       S Jackson 

3:28pm 3:31pm 3:49pm§ 3:57pm§ 4:05pm§ 4:22pm§

Timetable Symbols

B-For service to Evergreen School, transfer to Route 995.
§-Estimated time, bus may arrive/leave earlier than indicated.

Additional Information

  • University Prep PM Service
    Students who ride routes 987, 988, 989, 994, and 995 to University Prep are not provided return service directly from University Prep in the afternoon. Instead, please ride routes 982 or 986 from University Prep to Lakeside Middle School where transfers can then be made to any of the above routes.
  • Adverse Weather: During periods of ice and snow, Metro Custom Bus School service may operate on snow routes or be cancelled. For snow route information or for school cancellation, please call your school or listen to local media reports.
Passenger Stops

» Northbound on 4th Ave S just north of S Jackson St
» Northbound on 3rd Ave just south of Union St
» Northbound on 3rd Ave just north of Virginia St
» Westbound on Mercer St just west of Queen Anne Ave N
» Westbound on W McGraw St just west of 33rd Ave W
» Northbound on 34th Ave W just north of W Emerson St
» Northbound on 15th Ave W just south of NW Market St
» Northbound on 8th Ave NW just north of NW 65th St
» Northbound on 8th Ave NW just north of NW 80th St
» Eastbound on NW 85th St just east of 3rd Av NW
» Eastbound on N 85th St just east of Dayton Av N
» Eastbound on N 85th St just west of Wallingford Ave N
» Northbound on 25th Av NE just south of NE 80th St (University Prep Academy)
» Westbound on NE 125th St just west of 28th Ave NE
» Westbound on NE 135th St just east of 1st Ave NE (Lakeside Middle School)
» Northbound on 1st Ave NE just north of NE 140th St(Lakeside Upper School)

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