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Transit Instruction

When most riders board Metro Transit, they know when the bus has reached their stop. But not everyone.

Using public transportation can be a challenge for some people. Free training is available to both individuals with disabilities and seniors citizens. Knowledgeable instructors, experienced with the King County Metro Transit and Sound Transit systems, provide the training. Participants travel with an instructor on the bus and/or light rail in King County until they are comfortable and capable of safe independent travel. Self-paced instruction is designed around the needs of each participant as they learn how to safely and independently travel to the destinations of their choice.

Who is eligible?

Eligible individuals include:

  • Any individual with a Cognitive, Emotional, or Physical Disability
  • Any student with an IEP
  • Senior Citizens

Upon referral, an assessment interview is conducted to determine the participant's skills and abilities related to the use of public transportation. The Transit Instructor then prepares an individualized training plan that accommodates any potential barriers, reinforces any existing skills and introduces any skills the trainee will need to acquire in order to be successful. Safety issues, stranger awareness, street crossing skills, and emergency situations are all important areas covered during training.

The instructor provides practical experiences by riding public transit with the participant on a daily basis. Training is coordinated with the daily activities of the participant and self-paced, allowing participants to progress at their own rates. Free Transit Instruction is available so that individuals, who may have difficulty utilizing public transportation, can learn how to independently and safely travel, to the destinations of their choice.

Who can refer individuals for training?

We regularly work with participants referred by:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Vocational Agencies
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Senior Centers
  • Senior Housing Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Programs
  • Adult Family Homes
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Disability Support Services Offices

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