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Seattle Accessibility Map

Seattle Accessibility Map

Seattle is a city of hills. Using public transportation and a variety of building elevators and escalators, you can plan trips to a number of downtown Seattle destinations that avoid the hills. When downtown office buildings are closed, Metro bus routes offer service up and down the hills.

Maps for getting around

AccessMap is a free online travel planner offering customizable suggestions for people who need accessible or pedestrian-friendly routes.

AccessMap Trip Planner

Free Downtown Circulator Bus

Solid Ground - Downtown Circulator Bus

Solid Ground operates a free downtown circulator bus that stops at 7 bus stop locations in the downtown Seattle core, with service about every 30 minutes, Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The free downtown circulator bus will display the Solid Ground logo. Solid Ground bus stops are numbered 1 – 7 and share the stop with other Metro buses. Look for the Solid Ground logo and stop number on the Metro bus stop sign to make sure you’re at the right stop for service.

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Link Light Rail

Getting on and off Link is easy. The trains stop at all stations, and the doors open and close automatically. Link cars are level with the platforms. There is no need to use a lift or ramp when using mobility devices. Riders using wheelchairs or scooters can roll directly into the wheelchair area without assistance. There is no personal restraint system on Link trains. There are priority seating areas for seniors and people with disabilities immediately inside each door.