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Calling Out Stops

Interior of bus with next stop reader boards

Metro buses are equipped with automated audio and visual stop announcement reader boards inside of the bus to let riders know when the bus has reached their stop. Buses are also equipped with external audio announcements to inform riders of the approaching bus's route and destination.

Together, these systems assist riders with disabilities, riders who are unfamiliar with a neighborhood, as well as those riders who ride the bus everyday.

Stop and route announcements are a requirement by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

What Metro Does

All of Metro Transit's drivers receive training about the importance of stop and route announcements. Metro's policy is to announce all stops, and all routes of bus zones where more than one bus route stops.

  • Metro uses the automated stop announcement system in coaches when available. If it is not, Metro requires drivers to use a microphone or speak loudly to announce stops and routes.
  • Metro worked with blind, visually impaired, and cognitively disabled riders to formulate our current stop announcement system and our driver training program.

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The King County Transit Advisory Commission provides suggestions and recommendations to the King County Department of Transportation on transportation services for elderly people and people with disabilities.

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