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Weekday: To Downtown Seattle Effective Sept. 27, 2014 thru Feb. 13, 2015 Effective February 14 thru June 5, 2015 Effective February 16 thru June 5, 2015


Schedule Notes

The following notes apply only if the codes are found in the schedule:

  • * - This is an estimated time.

Special Service Information

  • Route 355 does NOT operate on Nov. 11 & 28, Dec. 24, 26 & 29 thru 31 and Jan. 2 & 19, 2015.
  • Route 355 operates express service weekday peak hours, only, and augments Route 5 service between Shoreline and Greenwood during these periods. Refer to Route 5 schedules for additional service in the mornings, middays, nights and weekends.
  • To downtown Seattle: Makes no stops between Shoreline Community College and N 85th St & Wallingford Ave N EXCEPT on Greenwood Ave N at N 160th St, N 145th St, N 143rd St, N 134th St, N 130th St, N 125th St, N 117th St, N 110th St, Holman Rd N, N 97th St, N 87th St; on N 85th St at Greenwood Ave N, Fremont Ave N and Aurora Ave N.
  • To Shoreline: Makes no stops between N 85th & Wallingford Ave N and Shoreline Community College, EXCEPT on N 85th St at Aurora Ave N and Fremont Ave N; on Greenwood Ave N at N 85th, N 87th, N 97th St, N 100th St, N 103rd St, N 110th St, N 117th St, N 125th St, N 130th St, N 134th St, N 143rd St, N 145th St and N 160th St.