Route 306 (includes partial service on routes 312 & ST 522)

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Weekday: To Downtown Seattle Effective June 7 thru Sept. 26, 2014

Metro Route 306 will be deleted September 27.

Read more about the approved service cuts and find out about other options for this route.


Schedule Notes

The following notes apply only if the codes are found in the schedule:

  • * - This is an estimated time.
  • B - Leaves inside the Kenmore Park & Ride 1 to 2 minutes earlier.
  • C - Arrives inside Kenmore Park & Ride.
  • E - EXPRESS:
    • To Seattle: Does not serve stop on Bothell Way NE at 39th Ave NE. No stops between NE 120th St & Lake City Way NE and Convention Pl & Union St EXCEPT on Lake City Wy NE at NE 110th St, NE 95th St and 20th Ave NE.
    • To Kenmore: No stops between Pike St & 6th Ave and Lake City Way NE & NE 120th St EXCEPT on Lake City Wy NE at NE 85th St, NE 95th St and NE 110th St.
  • K - Serves south campus stop 1-2 minutes earlier.