Route 154 (includes partial service on Sounder)

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Weekday: To Boeing Industrial Effective Sept. 27, 2014 thru Feb. 13, 2015 Effective February 14 thru June 5, 2015


Schedule Notes

The following notes apply only if the codes are found in the schedule:

  • B - Sounder leaves Kent Station 7 minutes later.

Special Service Information

  • Northbound: Route 154 crosses into the Seattle fare zone at E Marginal Way S & Ellis Ave S.
  • Southbound: Route 154 crosses into the county fare zone at Tukwila International Blvd & S 112th St. No zone fare is charged if your trip begins or ends along E Marginal Way S (at or south of Ellis Ave S) or on Tukwila International Blvd (at or north of S 112th St).