Route 118, 119

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Weekday: To Tahlequah Effective Sept. 27, 2014 thru Feb. 13, 2015 Effective February 14 thru June 5, 2015

Direct Service to Vashon Island via Ferry


Continuing Service from Ferry Terminal


Shuttles From Ferry Terminal


Schedule Notes

The following notes apply only if the codes are found in the schedule:

  • * - This is an estimated time.
  • D - Does not serve Gold Beach. Service stays on Dockton Rd SW.
  • F - Bus travels via Vashon Hwy to S 204th St only.
  • G - Serves Ellisport and Portage via SW 204th, SW Ellisport Rd, Dockton Rd SW, Portage Way SW and SW Quartermaster Dr.

Special Service Information

  • Routes 118 and 119 are scheduled to serve posted stops. On Vashon Island, they may also be flagged anywhere along the route where there are no regularly posted stops and it is safe to stop.