Right Size Parking Project


The Right Size Parking Project will achieve the following objectives through coordinated work with our partners and continual feedback from regional stakeholders including the Urban Land Institute and local jurisdictions.

Flowchart showing the concept of the old parking model versus the Right Size Parking model

The project will:

  • Provide context-sensitive multi-family residential parking demand information on a website to guide stakeholders decisions about building new parking and managing existing parking.
  • Offer incentives to jurisdictions and developers to test pricing and right-sizing of parking supply in residential and commercial developments;
  • Engage the development community through professional forums to utilize new parking demand information and implement pricing and management techniques.

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Who will benefit?

Developers, public decision makers, and communities will all benefit from the outcome of this project. With updated context-sensitive information on parking demand, cities can regulate development in way that meets local and regional goals and developers can build more housing near transit and sell it for less.

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Market Development, Service Development
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We would like to thank the following partners:

Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) - Go to the Website
Urban Land Institute Seattle - Go to the Website
Washington State Department of Transportation - Go to the Website