ORCA Multifamily Development Passport

Who will benefit?

Multifamily property owners or managers early in the development process

  • Helps to ensure you are planning to provide the appropriate number of parking spaces during the design and permitting process. See here for more information on right-sizing parking in your buildings.
  • Reduces congestion around your building by encouraging transit use, lessening the impact on your neighbors and improving the experience for your residents.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to mitigating certain environmental impacts to both neighbors and municipalities.
  • Secures LEED points and promotes environmental sustainability.

Multifamily property owners or managers after ground breaking

  • Provides a new, attractive, and valuable amenity to residents.
  • Some residents may choose to go carless, freeing up a valuable parking space.
  • Improves competitiveness in a crowded real estate market.


  • Provides a single card to access comprehensive transit services throughout the region.
  • Housing costs plus transportation can make up a substantial part of a household’s budget. The ORCA Passport gives residents a reliable transportation option that is easy to budget for!
  • Increases flexibility when choosing how to get to work, school, run errands, and see friends.

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