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Adopted Changes

In March 2016, one week after the launch of new Link light rail service to Capitol Hill and the University of Washington, we made several changes to bus service in the affected areas.

These service changes, shown here, include some modifications to the changes approved by the King County Council. The modifications are within Metro’s administrative authority and were made to address specific issues that arose after Council adoption.

See the adopted changes

Changes by area

Changes by route

Choose a route below to get information about what will happen in March 2016. You can also download the entire collection of information sheets in a compressed file (12MB).

New routes:

Revised routes:

Deleted routes:

  • 25

    Why delete Route 25?

    Route 25 has low ridership. Metro will use its resources to improve service in areas with more riders.

    Rider options

  • 30

    Why delete Route 30?

    Route 30 has low ridership. Metro will use its resources to improve service in areas with more riders.

    Rider options

  • 68

    Why delete Route 68?

    To reduce duplication.

    Rider options

  • 72

    Why delete Route 72?

    To reduce duplication and improve reliability.

    Rider Options

  • 242

    Why delete Route 242?

    To reduce duplication.

    Rider Options

    • North of the Northgate Transit Center, use routes 41 or 347.
    • Between Northgate and the Green Lake Park & Ride, use renumbered Route 63.
    • Vanpools may be an option for some riders. Learn more »
    • To get to Overlake, transfer to ST Route 542 (see current schedule) at the Green Lake Park & Ride.

Explore changes using an interactive map

Laptop with interactive map on the screen

Use our interactive map to see how the recommended service would look at different times of day and compare it with current service.

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