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Calculate your commute

Gas prices are sky-high, parking rates are increasing, and commuting by car is getting more expensive every day. Maybe it's time to try Metro?

This calculator will help you to determine if you can save money commuting by bus instead of driving alone. You input the number of miles you travel to work, and what you pay for parking and gas. We compare that total to the cost of paying cash fares on Metro at different times of the day and in different parts of King County.

There are also some hidden savings. This calculator does not take into account the cost of insurance and wear-and-tear repairs for your car. And, it doesn't count up the extra savings you get when you use a bus pass - especially if your employer picks up some of the cost of that pass.

Try the calculator, then check out some of your options below for a more cost-effective commute.

Driving alone

Your Entries

Number of round-trip miles per commute day
   Use Mapquest to help you calculate [external link]


Number of commute days per month


Cost of parking per month near your worksite


Cost of gasoline per gallon
   Use AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report [external link]


Your car's miles per gallon
   Use federal fuel economy guide [external link]



Monthly cost of driving alone  



Commuting with Metro

Cash Fare


Traveling during Off-Peak Hours




Traveling in 1 zone during peak hours




Traveling in 2 zones during peak hours




Ways to cut commute costs:

Updated: April 20, 2010