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An ORCA card being tapped on card reader

The ORCA card is all you need to pay your fare on buses and trains in the Puget Sound region. After you load E-purse (electronic purse) value or a monthly pass on it, your ORCA card works like cash or a pass, automatically tracking the value of different fares and transfers so you don't have to.

ORCA cards cost $5. Once you have a card, you can add between $5 and $300 in the card’s E-purse to pay for trips as you go. With the E-purse feature, the ORCA card works similar to a debit card, and pays for your fare out of the E-purse. When the card’s balance gets low, just add additional value.

If you are a frequent rider, you can add an electronic monthly pass good for an unlimited number of trips on designated transit agencies during the valid calendar month.

You can have E-purse and an electronic monthly pass on the same ORCA card. You can add E-purse to cover any additional fares beyond your monthly pass.

How to get an ORCA card

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I use ORCA?

Use ORCA to pay for trips on:

  • King County Metro buses
  • King County Water Taxi
  • Community Transit
  • Everett Transit
  • Kitsap Transit
  • Pierce Transit
  • Sound Transit
  • Washington State Ferries walk-on passenger fare

ORCA makes public transportation in the four county region fast, easy and seamless.

How do I use ORCA?

ORCA reader

Tap your card to pay your fare

Place your ORCA card flat against the ORCA logo on the card reader. When a valid ORCA card is tapped the ORCA card reader will either:

  • Beep once and display a green light—your pass or fare is accepted.
  • Beep twice and display a yellow light—the E-purse is low or the pass is about to expire or means value is being added from an online or phone transaction.
  • Beep four times and display a red light—your card has insufficient funds or has an expired pass. An alternative fare payment will be required.

How do transfers work with the ORCA card?

ORCA transfers are made electronically. If you use an ORCA card that is loaded with a bus pass or E-purse, you will get a two-hour transfer credit for the fare paid. Please note, credit does not apply for transfers to or from Washington State Ferries.

How can I purchase multiple passes for my employees, multifamily property, or organization?

Employers or organizations purchasing multiple passes for your employees or organization, visit Employer Services for information.

Owners and/or operators of multifamily properties purchasing passes for residents should visit our Multifamily Passport page for information.

What is the ORCA LIFT card?

The ORCA LIFT card is a reduced fare ORCA card that is registered to income-qualified riders. See if you qualify »

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