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Business Account ORCA card "tap-on, tap-off" terms of use

Because Sound Transit has found a sizeable number of employees are not tapping their ORCA business cards when riding Sounder and Link light rail, we want to clarify the rules of use for Business Account ORCA cards.

Please send the following message to all employees who have a Business Account ORCA card, as tapping allows for accurate ridership numbers and pricing for your Business Account product.

Dear Employees,

Please note the following terms of use for your ORCA card on Sounder trains and Link light rail:

  • You must tap your ORCA card before boarding to show proof of payment on Sounder trains and Seattle Link light rail. Tap your ORCA card ("tap-on") at a yellow reader. These readers are located on the train platform or at the light rail station.
  • When requested, you must show your ORCA card to the fare inspector or conductor who will verify that it was tapped. Failure to tap before boarding may result in a ticket and a $124 fine. The cardholder will be responsible for any fines imposed, even if the ORCA card was issued by their employer.
  • Upon arrival, tap your ORCA card at the card reader ("tap-off") at the station to complete your transaction on Sounder or Seattle Link light rail.

Thank you.

Yellow ORCA card reader