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Data Transmission to Transit Signal Priority Equipment

Objective 1: Technical Approach

Transit Signal Priority staff conducted an analysis to compare demonstration stop record data for blocks operating the Route 7 with TSP reader log data, to confirm lateness and passenger load data from the demonstration system were transmitted and recorded by the Transit Signal Priority system.

  • TSP staff reported the lateness and passenger load data were transmitted and read by the signal priority system on 34 out of the 52 scheduled runs of the Route 7, demonstrating the real-time dynamic data from the onboard system could be transmitted to the TSP system.
  • The data were not received for 18 of the 52 runs, for undetermined reasons. In addition, the value of the lateness field was passed to the TSP tag as an increment of four. However, technical staff noted the issues could be resolved in a longer term effort.

Objective 5: Potential Long-Term Benefits

  • Transit Signal Priority staff concluded the demonstration has successfully shown the capability to provide real-time lateness and ridership data to the AVI tag. The capabilities are anticipated to allow transit staff to maximize available priority time by giving coaches priority based on lateness and load.
Updated: Sept. 2002