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November 2013 proposal

The information below details Metro’s November 2013 proposal to cut service levels by 600,000 annual service hours (17 percent of current service). Based on a recent forecast of increased sales tax revenue, Metro is scaling back this proposal to 550,000 hours (16 percent of current service). After the revised proposal is final, we’ll update the details on this website. Meanwhile, our Info Sheets page has a summary of the current draft proposal and related table showing routes that would be deleted, changed, or unchanged.

Proposed changes to bus service


Routes 1-50

Routes 51-150

Routes 151-220

Routes 221-300

Routes 301-601

DART routes 900-935



The Access service area is based on where regular bus service is provided. Changes to Metro’s network of regular bus routes may result in changes to the Access service area.

The maps at right show how the Access service area could change based on the proposed bus service reductions.

Summaries to view or download:

» Overview (PDF)
» Spreadsheet (PDF) | (Excel)

Area maps

Click for maps of proposed changes in each part of the county.

King County map showing eight areas Northwest Seattle/North King County Northeast Seattle/North King County East King County-North E King County-South SE King County SW King County Central and SE Seattle/South King County SW Seattle/South King County