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Recommended changes to bus service

This page details Metro’s April 2014 recommendation to cut approximately 550,000 hours of service.


Routes 1-50

Routes 51-150

Routes 151-220

Routes 221-300

Routes 301-601

DART routes 900-935



The Access service area is based on where regular bus service is provided. Changes to Metro’s network of regular bus routes may result in changes to the Access service area.

The maps at right show how the Access service area could change based on the proposed bus service reductions.

Summary to view or download:

» Spreadsheet: recommended changes by route (PDF) | (Excel)
» Spreadsheet: service cuts by jurisdiction (Excel)

How we scaled the cuts down to 550,000 hours

Reducing our proposed cuts from 600,000 to 550,000 annual service hours gave us the opportunity to make some adjustments in response to public input about our original proposal. On certain routes, we used our service guidelines to identify lower-priority reductions to forego. This allowed us to keep longer hours of night service, mitigate peak service reductions, and preserve some midday service.

We kept Route 113, which was originally slated for deletion, to preserve commuter service to the Olson-Myers Park-and-Ride in West Seattle and maintain current coverage in Shorewood. We kept DART Route 908 to maintain the only all-day service covering East Renton/Maplewood and our only service to the Renton Senior Center.

Area maps

Click for maps of proposed changes in each part of the county.

King County map showing eight areas Northwest Seattle/North King County Northeast Seattle/North King County East King County-North E King County-South SE King County SW King County Central and SE Seattle/South King County SW Seattle/South King County