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Recent outreach

On July 21, the King County Council took action on the Metro Transit Service Reduction Ordinance, cutting 161,000 hours of Metro bus service in September 2014 and providing for another 188,000 hours of cuts in February 2015. Decisions about further potential service cuts in June and September 2015 were scheduled to be made in fall 2014 as part of the budget process.

In addition to the extensive outreach for Metro’s original proposal that was done between November 2013 and February 2014, the Council requested additional community meetings to gather feedback on the February 2015 service change—specifically, it asked Metro to work with cities, community organizations, unincorporated area organizations, institutions of higher education, and hospitals.

The purpose of these meetings was to review service change proposals and collaboratively explore possible alternatives not currently being considered in the proposed service reduction ordinance.

Read our public outreach report (PDF) on this effort.

Outreach for original (550,000 hour) recommendation

Metro’s official comment period for the original recommendation to cut service by up to 550,000 hours ended Feb. 7. We received more than 5,000 comments via our survey and at public meetings, presentations, and outreach events held throughout the county from November through February. We thank those who took time to share their thoughts with us.

You can view/download our Service Reduction Public Engagement Report (broken into sections because of file size) from the links below.

Public engagement report


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