King County Mobility Coalition

Members & Subcommittees

Duties of Committee members are to identify service gaps and/or barriers, strategize on solutions most appropriate to meet these needs based on local circumstances, and prioritize these needs for follow-up and project planning. The Committee responds both to SAFETEA-LU and the State of Washington requirements for receiving federal and state funds.

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Affiliation Member Alternate
Affordable Housing Representative Shawli Hathaway, KCHA Vacant
Area Agency on Aging Representative Jon Morrison Winters, Aging and Disability Services Pamela Calderon, Aging and Disability Services
Business/Employer Representative Vacant JC Maxie, Seattle Goodwill Industries
DSHS Region 2 Representative Tracey French, DSHS Melanie D'Almada Remedios, DSHS
Eastside City Representative (Committee Co-Chair, 2017-2018) Alex O'Reilly, City of Bellevue Alaric Bien, City of Redmond
Faith Based Organization Representative Hollianne Monson, Catholic Community Services Margaret Hinson, Jewish Family Services
First Mile/Last Mile Access Representative Kelli Refer, Cascade Bicycle Club Ross Howell, Feet First
Hospital Representative Buffy Collier, Harborview Medical Center Julie Povick, Seattle Children's Hospital
Immigrant/Refugee Service Representative Caitlin Wasley, World Relief Andes Kong, CISC
King County Alliance for Human Services Leslie Miller, City of Kirkland Vacant
King County Dept. of Community & Human Services Scott Ninneman, King County DCHS Linda C. Wells, King County DCHS
King County Metro Transit - Market Development Penny Lara, King County Metro Sunny Knott, King County Metro
King County Metro Transit - Paratransit/ Rideshare Operations (Committee Co-Chair, 2016-2017) Mark Nash, King County Metro Don Okazaki, King County Metro
Medicaid Broker Francois Larrivee, Hopelink Susan Carter, Hopelink
Mental Health Advocate Service Representative Kailey Fiedler-Gohlke, HERO House Michael Given, HERO House
Non-profit Human Services Agency (Older Adults) Walt Washington, Sound Generations Vacant
Non-profit Human Services Agency (People with Disabilities) Hope Drummond, Alliance of People with disAbilities PENDING: Robert Blumenfeld, Alliance of People with disAbilities
Non-profit Human Services Agency (low income) Andrea Caupain, Centerstone Lexi Becker, Byrd Barr Place
Non-profit Transportation Agency Kari Ware, Solid Ground Cecile Henault, Solid Ground
North County City Representative Kendra Dedinsky, City of Shoreline Nora Daley-Peng, City of Shoreline
PSRC (Non-voting) Gil Cerise, PSRC Jean Kim, PSRC
Public Health Jennifer Covert, Public Health/Seattle King County Callista Kennedy, Public Health/Seattle King County
Rural Services Representative Amy Biggs, Snoqualmie Valley Transportation Dan Walker, Hopelink
School District Transportation Programs Jacque Mann, Puget Sound ESD Mike Shahan, Puget Sound ESD
Seattle City Representative Mike Shaw, Seattle Department of Transportation Naomi Doerner, Seattle Department of Transportation
Sound Transit Vacant Vacant
South County City Representative Dinah Wilson, City of Kent Antje Kablitz, City of Kent
System User Representative Dorene Cornwell Aaron Morrow
System User Representative (from TAC) Jessica Renner Jacob Struiksma
Taxis/for-profit Transportation Representative Cindi Laws, Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Association of Seattle & King County Saleh Mohamed, Wheelchair Accessible Taxi
Tribes Representative Jim Sweet, Snoqualmie Tribe Dezerae Hayes, Muckleshoot Tribe
Veterans Representative Bryan Fry, King County Veterans Program David Waggoner, King County Veterans Coalition
WSDOT (non-voting) Monica Ghosh, WSDOT Vacant
Youth/Children Advocate Service Representative Hamdi Abdulle, Somali Youth and Family Club Ginger Kwan, Open Doors for Multicultural Families
Affiliation Member Alternate


Committees provide opportunities for Coalition members, alternates, and other interested parties to contribute to the work of the Coalition by assessing specific transportation needs and overseeing projects, planning tasks, or other activities. Participation in committees is open to all Coalition members, alternates, and interested parties. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact Staci Haber at

Access to Work and School Committee

The King County Mobility Coalition has identified access to work and school sites as a top priority for 2016. The subcommittee recognizes efficient, affordable, convenient, and safe travel to and from work and school sites is a daily challenge for many residents in King County. The access to work and school subcommittee will identify these barriers that many populations face in travelling from their homes to their respective places of work and education. Certain populations that will be a focus for the subcommittee include but are not limited to Veterans, students, and newly arrived immigrants and refugees. Once barriers have been identified, the subcommittee will work with regional partners to develop strategies to improve access to work and school throughout King County.

Education and Outreach Committee

This group is tasked with coordinating efforts to educate riders and human service providers, including planning outreach events. It also provides input on other organizations' outreach materials and helps develop clear educational information for riders and human services providers.

Access to Healthcare

This committee focuses on access to healthcare, including non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), Medicaid transportation, follow-up appointments, and reducing readmissions and 911 calls due to lack of transportation. This group brings together relevant stakeholders, such as transportation providers, healthcare professionals, and human service organizations, to increase awareness of options as well as coordinate to improve services.

Sub-Regional Coalitions

Eastside Easy Rider Collaborative (EERC)

EERC mission is to identify and initiate coordinated, creative and sustainable ways to assist transportation-disadvantaged individuals, including older adults, persons with disabilities and low-income individuals on the Eastside attain a better quality of life by increasing their transportation options.

For more information, please contact the EERC at (425) 943-6771 or go to the EERC website.

South King County Mobility Coalition (SKCMC)

SKCMC focuses on increasing coordination efforts between transportation providers, human services agencies and local jurisdictions and assessing the specific transportation challenges of special needs populations (older adults, youth, low-income individuals and families, and people with disabilities) in order to improve transportation options in South King County.

For more information, please contact the SKCMC at (425) 943-6731, send an email or go to the SKCMC website.

North King County Mobility Coalition (NKCMC)

NKCMC brings together individuals and organizations with a common interest in human service transportation to increase awareness of and expand services for North King County residents. We focus on special needs populations (older adults, youth, low-income individuals and families, and people with disabilities). Together we identify transportation service gaps and untapped opportunities in our community. Based on that knowledge, we strive to leverage existing resources and catalyze local projects to improve mobility in North King County.

For more information, please contact the NKCMC at (425) 943-6730, send an email or go to the NKCMC website.